Monday, March 06, 2006


Hi all! My little neighbor Shawn attended a focus group recently, concerning an upcoming show called "OCD ROBOT", about an obsessive compulsive robot who lives in a crazy robot factory! Shawn knows about this blog, so he smuggled out one of the questionnaires! Now you, my faithful readers, will get an insider's view about how a show as groundbreaking as "OCD ROBOT" gets on the air!

Here it is, and Shawn, I owe you a big box of firecrackers for this one!


1. Do you like this show?

(__) YES
(__) no

2. Really?

(__) YES
(__) no

3. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate OCD Robot?

1. Super
2. Great
3. The Best
4. Outstanding
5. Fantastic

4. Do you like "edgy" characters, with "attitude"?

5. Do sunglasses on a character make that character edgy?
(__) Yes
(__) Certainly

6. Which one of the following characters would you be most interested in seeing added to the show?

(__) An evil robot who looks like one of the good robots
(__) Darth Vader (please note that we cannot use Darth Vader in this show)
(__) An evil robot who looks like one of the good robots
(__) An evil hologram who thinks kids like you are stupid, and hangs out with an evil robot who looks like one of the good robots

7. Do you like the idea of OCD ROBOT being made in a video game if we were to give you a free copy?

(__) YES

8. Would you recommend to your parents that they buy you OCD ROBOT toothpaste, chewable vitamins, clothing, toys, posters, magazines, and snack crackers, using a loud shrill voice, and causing a scene until such items were purchased to appease you?

(__) YES
(__) I don’t understand the question, but sure.

9. In future epiodes, which OCD traits would you like the robot to have?

(__) Collects scraps of metal from robot factory floor, places them in a lineup in order of size.
(__) Flicks light switch off and on 10 times before entering a robot factory.
(__) Polishes outer metal shell in clockwise rotations, counting to 100.

10. After watching OCD ROBOT, do you have a comprehension of Obsessive Compulsive disorder, enough to, say, get a television production company a nice tax break for providing ‘education’?

(__) YES

11. Which new story ideas for future episodes of OCD ROBOT interest you the most?

(__) The characters stay at the robot factory and talk to each other.
(__) The characters work out low-key social issues, in the robot facory.
(__) The characters express how much they prefer not knowing details about their past.
(__) The characters converse about how they enjoy things never changing, and how interesting it is to stay in a robot factory, never venturing outside.
(__) Other (checking this box counts as a non-answer)

12. If we were to give you a thousand dollars, would you say that OCD ROBOT is the best show ever?

(__) YES
(__) no, but I’ll change my mind later


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