Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Best Thing About Animation- The Groupies

Boy- I'm so excited about starting work on my new animated feature. I can picture the Academy Award and the crowds of girls!

I found out over dinner that Mary-Anne, the Executive Producer, can't pay me any money now, so I probably shouldn't have told everybody at the Moving Experience (where I used to work) to go flying right straight to hell. But Mary-Anne has promised me that after the movie shows its profits, I can get a cut of the action! Using simple math, I can see how I will be a millionaire by the time I'm thirty!

Then Mom can live in MY basement!

I pitched my story to Mary-Anne at a fancy restaurant where she picked up the tab (naturally). I lost some momentum when the Keg staff interrupted to sing a public-domain version of "Happy Birthday" to an old man, but got the energy back quickly.

I don't know how many times I've heard my friends say "This Dungeons and Dragons game is so entertaining, somebody should just write one adventure down and make a story of it."

My story is the story of Glomphalgh the Elf, and his quest for the Seven Scrolls of Sc'alberdawn. Along the way he meets a thief, a magician, and a big monster-man, and faces the Army Of The Necronidarc.

Mary-Anne says there should be a princess and songs, and get rid of the thief. I can kind of see her point, but we must stay true to the story! I just have to keep asking myself- What Would Walt Do? He'd concentrate on the plot! So I have to remember to tell Mary-Anne that Plot Is King, and princesses can wait.

Although girls like princesses, and would probably be grateful if I put one in my story.


What if the PRINCESS was the THIEF!!!!!

I have to go call Mary-Anne!


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