Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chudleigh Animation Group Announces Polly Doodle: Back For Fun!

Chudleigh Animation Group, still smarting from the cancellation of their show "Sisters-In-Arms" have announced that they are reviving old-time 20's &30's cartoon Polly Doodle for a New Series: "Polly Doodle: Back For Fun!"

Polly Doodle is best known as Waverly Cartoon's answer to Betty Boop, starring in such rousers as:
"Bathtub Grin"
"Grits Ain't Potatoes"
"St. Valentine's Day Mess-Acre" and
"Fling Fling With The Floy Floy",
before the wartime zeal for Technicolor, plot, and characterization made her cartoons seem stale and pointless.

"The idea just came to me out of nowhere" said Janet Wilkinson, Chudleigh Animation producer. "We feel that if we replace the Jazz music with diva ballads, the 'reefer' references with 'pop culture' references, and the leering sexuality with shopping at the mall, there's no reason Polly Doodle can't be just as popular now on TV as she once was at the Moving Picture Parlors."

As of publication, there was no word if the new Polly incarnation will be joined on screen by her old cartoon co-stars: Naptime Nappy and Jigaboo Jones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't wait to see the new and improved Polly Doodle!!! How about a new version of her classic "You Just Better Join Up," where she's cahsed though a big weird castle by a bunch of Masons (and the bug-eyed King Mason falls into a giant meat grinder and turns into a bunch of little King Masons)! For the new version, they could change the Masons into Scientologists. The voice actors could do impressions of Tom Cruise and John Travolta!

6:00 PM  
Anonymous toonsmith said...

Another coup for Janet Wilkenson!

I applaud the animation industry for being a medium in which someone with a degree in calculus or political science or criminology can become a modern-day Walt Disney!

3:12 PM  

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