Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Sisters In Arms" Cancelled Halfway Through First Episode

The "Women's Lifestyle Channel" has cancelled Chudleigh Animation Group's new series "Sisters In Arms" during the airing of the first episode, sources say.

Line producer Janet Wilkinson spoke to the press today, looking very tired.

"We made 5 episodes and we still have 8 in the pipeline!" she said, to a small gathering of reporters. "We feel the remaining shows, completed in a more limited style, will be saleable to any network who wants to make an offer. Chudleigh Animation Group is committed to making great shows- I'd also like to announce mass layoffs in the art department."

"Women's Lifestyle Channel" representatives stated that the solitary camera angle and the similar droning vocal patterns of the two main characters made them rethink the decision to air the show, after the switchboards lit up with angry and puzzled callers. Reps say that the first 7 minutes of the show where the characters fought about why men can't fold pants properly also contributed to its poor showing.


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