Saturday, March 11, 2006

"D" Lister Becomes an "A" for Animation

Raz G., former rap singer turned actor, has signed a 3 series deal with WorldShow Entertainment to bring his experience making poorly selling rap recordings and straight-to-video cop movies to the animated small screen.

Shannon Tula, producer at WSE had this to say:
"We feel that Raz G. has the urban feel that will help WSE connect with today's hip youth. Sure, we have people here who have worked for us for years, who understand the animation process, and have the ability to make shows that would use their budget wisely for maximum impact. But at the end of the day...I always liked that song 'Get Ya Booty Out'"

"Man, it sure is nice to come around here and be treated the way I'm supposed to, you know what I'm saying?" said Mr. G. "After I was dumped by the record label, and ended up playin' 'thug number 2' in 'Cop Heat part 5' or some other piece of crap where I run around waving a gun, I felt pretty low. Outside- I'm just another out of work actor. I come in here, and I got 50 people tryin' to make all my ideas come to life."

What are those ideas? Raz G. continued.

"Show #1: me in school. Kids will get to see where I came up, you know what I'm saying? There will be like, me... and my friend, and like we got like 2 girlfriends each, you know what I'm saying? Plus a couple of goofy looking white dudes. For comedy. I'm gonna call it "Raz-Matazz" or "Raz-zle Dazzle" or some kinda s--t. You know what I'm saying?

Show #2: me in space, or something. Gonna be fighting monsters, saving bitches, you know?

Show #3: S--t, I don't know. Cop?

Director John Sorrencia looks enthusiastic.
"I told my daughter that daddy would be directing Raz G.'s new show. She said the cutest thing. She said, "Daddy, is he as famous as Spongebob?" Ha ha. Well, I had to admit that I didn't know. I'd never heard of him, but he's probably really famous. I'm sure to have 'street-cred' with the 'homies' after this show is wrapped, eh?"

Beginning his adventure in animation, Raz G. looks thoughtful.

" I didn't never watch no cartoons coming up on the streets, you know what I'm saying? But I learned some stuff. Deals come up- and if you're smart, you take 'em."


Anonymous ryan d said...

Sweet! Raz G and animation, together at last! And if he has any trouble coming up with ideas or anything, he could call up the Wayans brothers. They have animation experience.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Cartooncrank said...

This show is a blantant rip-off of my own idea, "RAPPETY ANNE AND THE RAGGEDY POSSE!"

The deal fell through when so-called cartoon "fan" Whoopsy Goldenberg refused to voice the lead character... even after I explained to her that RAPPETY ANN was based on her own stupid-looking face! Next thing I know all these lawyers and agents are calling me MAKING THREATS!!! These inferiors never had a creative idea in their lives and here they are telling me I can't use my million dollar idea!

They did not show me the respect I DESERVE as an actual animation historian expert professional, that's for certain! "An' you can take DAT to the bank!" as Kojak used to say.

9:12 AM  

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