Friday, December 16, 2005


see Part 1 below!

Here is a cover for "The New Claw"- the comic that got this amazing project on the fast track to television history!

Ken Leavings, Producer for this entertaining show, explains "The New Claw":

"Basically, there was this comic in the 40's during World War 2, about this superhero with lobster powers, called "The Claw". It didn't really catch on.

Fast forward a bunch of years, and the Fantastic Comics Group, the company holding the rights to this thing, well, their lawyers tell them that if they don't do something with this Claw property, then it's gonna lapse into the public domain. So they throw a team together and whip up "The New Claw".

It's really good. He's got these big hands, and can crush stuff, I guess. I haven't had a chance to...anyway, that book, the New Claw- that's what I grabbed that time when I went into that store with all the comic books."

What a "Super" story, Ken! :)

Part 3 Coming Soon!


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