Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Sisters In Arms" gets the greenlight!

I haven't read much of Sarah Halbermann's syndicated comic strip "Sisters In Arms", but now I won't have to, because it's coming to TV!

Janet Wilkinson, of the Chudleigh Animation Group has adapted this wry, sassy comic strip for the small screen, with Ms. Halbermann herself actinig as exec produer!

Said Wilkinson: "Many people see 'Sisters In Arms' as an obscure newspaper comic that amounts to two women talking to each other in a coffee shop (or any other environment that involves sitting in chairs) with the usual feminist-lite ‘Cathy’-esque humor, usually culminating in a final panel where one of the characters will give one of those reactionary “ain’t life a pip?” raised eyebrow looks to the reader, but I see it as much much more than that.

I see it as a recognizeable property.

What better style to bring to animation? The characters themselves may seem like nothing more than voiceboxes for the strip’s creator in order to complain about things like overbearing mothers and shopping or an attempt to make insightful commentaries about things which usually don’t end up being terribly insightful. But we see the central characters as a 'tabula rasa' a blank slate that the viewer can project herself into. Totally subtle. And we will have character traits created specifically for the show."

Ms. Halbermann herself is overseeing the animators, and really keeping them on their toes! After years of drawing dimensional-looking characters, sometimes it's hard for them to 'take a step back' and try a newer, more modern style. There have been plenty of temper flare-ups- but it'll all be worth it when "Sisters In Arms" debuts on the "Women's Lifestyle Channel" tonight."

Thanks, Janet! I can't wait to link "Arms" with these "Sisters"!


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