Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Quick-Thinking Producer Avoids Union


Producer Elizabeth Sheldrake today avoided the animation producer's biggest headache- unionization- by using her quick wits.
Speaking from the safety of her plant-lined office, Sheldrake, 34, had advice for her fellow producers while describing her run in with left-leaning communistas.

"I was standing in the hallway with a coffee and a muffin talking to one of my assistants, like I do every morning for about 3 hours, when I heard some of those people mention the word "union"- my mind began to spin!"

Sheldrake describes how she crept unnoticed into the room.

"They were on a lunch break or something- I don't know. Anyhow- they were all focused on this one fat guy at the front facing them- he was talking about offshoring, skimming budgets, unpaid overtime, you know, like they were BAD things. I knew I had to think fast."

Sheldrake lowered her voice as best as she could, to simulate a young man, and shouted the sentence that made the ink-slingers and computer jockeys forget their cartoon revolution.

"Anime is better than Disney style!" she yelled, then slunk back to the safety of her office.

"The resulting squabble about which style of ridiculous cartooning was 'better' got their minds TOTALLY off unionizing." Ms. Sheldrake said. "Next time the nerd brigade gets riled about who's running this outfit, I have another little distraction- I'll yell out that "The Simpsons" jumped the shark in season 5."


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