Wednesday, December 14, 2005

White Kids Go To School

I saw an advance screening of this today, and I have just one word to descibe it: Big Hit!

It's unlike anything I've seen before- a fantastically funny (yet touching) show, featuring 18 of the coolest pre-teens I've ever seen on a syndicated animation block!

The brightly-colored romp concerns the adventures of Mandy, Zeke, Joe, Kim, Sha'niquaa, Jose, Paul, Flip, Booger, his dog Avery (the name no doubt a nod to the old-time cartoon maker Ted "Tex" Avery) Frederick, Joanne, Cindy, Falina, Suzanne, Kim 2, Julia and Brett, plus their various friends (and adversaries), as they balance tasks such as talking while walking in the hallway, with talking while sitting behind desks.

In the screener episode I saw, Paul and Mandy overheard Joe, Falina and Julia say something about Frederick, Suzanne, Flip, Sha'niquaa and Kim, but they only heard PART of the statement, and a bunch of stuff happened, and everyone learned a little lesson about the evils of gossiping. Were those tears in this reviewer's eyes as Falina and Joe accepted Mandy and Paul's apology? Methinks there was a mote of dust in my eye...

On an ironic note, this show, while featuring a cast of mostly white kids, with a couple of minorities as backups, was entirely animated by Asians!

I've been told that future episodes will feature such adventures as:
-the 18 kids go to an amusement park and talk,
-the 18 kids go to a bicycle race and converse,
-the 18 kids go to the school cafeteria, where much talking ensues.

This is without a doubt one of the boldest and brightest animated sitcoms I've witnessed in many a moon.

Today's kids have more homework now than at any other time in recorded history, so after slogging through a day at school, talking to their friends at school, then coming home to do 2 or 3 hours of homework, what kid WOULDN'T want to blow off steam by watching "White Kids Go To School"?


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