Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ProdCo Gears Up To Unleash Its most Outrageous Concept Ever: "School School"

Hi folks! Animazing here!
I've been the first animation scholar to find out about about a lot of developing shows thanks to the international clout that comes from typing a moderately recognized newsletter, but nothing on Earth has prepared me for the show I saw today.

"School School" is a new show about schools that go to school!

Created by PixelZoneStorm Animation, the show features the patient teacher Dunbar College teaching all the schools at School School how to become great schools. Featuring: Pinky the Beauty School. Junior High Jr., Putter the Driving School, Pierre the Cooking School, Trendy J.High School, Swinger the Golfing School, and last, but not least, the cutest one: L.M. Entry.

Created in Maya, the show features the schools in such classes as "Bell Ringing", "Door Unlocking", "Door Closing", and "Window Closing". The fact that the schools are only able to move by dragging themselves slowly across the ground does not for one instant stop this from being edge-of-your-seat entertainment!

The plots revolve around Trendy J. High School's attempts to be a 'World-Class" school, and woo the beautiful Pinky, while thwarting the condescending Pierre.

This is truly a groundbreaking show that will change the course of television, and I encourage all of you to watch it. I will be able to post more about PixelZoneStorm Animation productions in the future, because they were nice enough to give me a brand new laptop! So not only are their shows top-notch, they are interested in freedom of the press as well!

I'll be sure to keep MY 'pupils' on this 'School'!