Monday, May 29, 2006

Animator Dies, Glad To Have Put In That Unpaid Overtime


Animator Glen Q. McConnaghie, most notable for being responsible for the classic "peeling' sequence in "Monkeys In Banana Land", passed away at his drawing table Saturday. He was 73 years old.

Helen Woodchank, producer at WowToonz! spoke with us about McConnaghie's life and career.

"The last time I spoke with Glen, a few months ago, he expressed how happy he was to have been able to help out WowToonz! by putting in so many hours of unpaid overtime. His last wish was that I explain to the next generation that the only way to become as skilled as Glen is to animate as much as possible, for as many hours as possible. And to ease up on the coffee breaks."

McConnaghie is survived by his wife and adult children, who were informed about his passing this morning.

"It took us a while to find them." Ms. Woodchank continues. "They naturally assumed he was at the studio, cranking out another masterwork. Many times Glen would express his amazement at how quickly his children were growing up, getting jobs, careers and spouses, while he just sat at his desk working...working. Despite the fact that he felt his job was always teetering on the abyss, he was a real trouper."

"Glen did that sequence in "Freckle-face Francis and the Pea-Shooting Princess" where the Princess first hits Francis with a pea, and he falls on his butt. That was so funny! Glen missed his son's graduation for that one. But many times he told me that other animators should follow his example. He knew that we were just a small company finding our way, and that his loyalty would be rewarded some day. He was right. As soon as WowToonz! was acquired by GloboDynaTech Entertainment, he was one of the animators we didn't fire!"

"His last words to me were so sweet. He said, 'Helen- tell the other animators that it's worth it. We need to put in long hours so children can have the chance to watch fine animation like "Freckle-face Francis and the Flatulent Android", available on DVD this September, from WowToonz!"